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Moments to Remember


Memphis and Morgan playing Bible Story "Go Fish" while I do dishes.  Memphis remembered the jist of how to play even though we had only played together once, weeks before.  They played entirely on their own, with Memphis asking Morgan, "Morg, do you have David and Goliath".  And Morgan grunting yeah.  Then Memphis declaring that he had a match.  At one point, Memphis told Morgan "Good job Morg!  High Five!  Knuckles."  

Who knew a 3 year old and 1 year old could play Go Fish together on their own.



After crying and whining incessantly about how he did not want to go to the tooth doctor, once we went in the door Memphis was so big and brave the whole time and never cried or whimpered or whined once, but rather was completely calm and still and even giggled when she poked his teeth.  I was utterly blown away, especially when she had to scrape at his teeth for a long time and he never complained.



Morgan growling like a lion every time he wants his Froggy boots on.  I don't know why he thinks frogs make a 'growl' sound.  As soon as he senses that we might be leaving the house, he starts growling incessantly and cries the biggest tears if I won't let him wear them (like to church).

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