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Hyatt Vacation Club
Hyatt Vacation Club - a Trusted Name in Timeshares
The Hyatt Vacation Club Experience

The Hyatt Vacation Club , one of the most trusted names in the timeshare industry, is known worldwide for its exceptional level of luxury. Hyatt is a Fortune 500 company that specializes in hospitality. They bring a wealth of experience with them and this is what sets them apart from other timeshare companies. Hyatt timeshares have even been referred to as "boutique" vacation rentals, implying how very exceptional a Hyatt Vacation Club timeshare is. Like other resort timeshares, Hyatt offers a points reward system that allows you to:

  • Stay each year in the same luxurious timeshare you purchased.
  • Convert your week into points and then use them at a different Hyatt resort
  • Redeem you points for accommodation in other participating Hyatt Hotels and Resorts
  • Exchange your points by using Interval International, a global network of over 1900 resort or other exchange networks such as Resort Condominiums International (RCI).You pay a small fee and you can exchange your week with almost 5000 resorts worldwide.

With so many choices available through the point system, you can have a completely different vacation every year.

Your Hyatt Timeshare Gives You:

  • Your "home resort" year after year. It will always remaining richly appointed and luxurious.
  • A choice in units so it fits your needs and lifestyle.
  • Your choice of the week you would like to travel.
  • A fully equipped unit.
Give some very serious thought to buying a Hyatt timeshare through resale. Hyatt Vacation Clubs are located in beautiful, exciting locations. Here’s a list:

  • Arizona, Sedon: Hyatt Pinon Pointe
  • California, Carmel: Hyatt Highlands Inn
  • Colorado, Beaver Creek: Hyatt Mountain Lodge
  • Colorado, Breckenridge: Hyatt Main Street Station
  • Florida, Key West: Hyatt Beach House, Hyatt Sunset Harbor, Hyatt Windward Pointe
  • Florida, Naples: Hyatt Coconut Plantation
  • Nevada, Lake Tahoe: Hyatt High Sierra Lodge
  • Puerto Rico, Dorado: Hyatt Hacienda del Mar
  • Texas, San Antonio: Hyatt Wild Oak Ranch

With all these beautiful resorts the sky is the limit and you can have an extraordinary vacation every single year. If you by a resale timeshare rather than a brand new one, you will find some amazing deals. You will be part one of the fastest growing real estate segments. The timeshare business is worth about $6 billion worldwide.

The trend every where is to see big developers like Hyatt own and operate high quality, premium real estate. It’s easy to see why the big guns get involved but what drives the average Joe or Josephine to buy? If your family takes a big vacation every year, over time the cost adds up. If you buy a timeshare, you’ll pay a fraction of the price over time and you won’t be burdened by the financial and every-day-responsibilities of traditional home ownership. And with the ability to trade your week with someone who has a timeshare in a completely different yet equally beautiful location, you are able to vacation worldwide with enormous savings.



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