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RCI timeshares
RCI Timeshares

Resort Condominium International (RCI) is the world’s largest timeshare vacation exchange. They are a huge, dynamic affiliation– an excellent organization to be part of. There are RCI resorts in more than 100 countries. You can vacation in a different spectacular location every year.

You become a member of this amazing RCI vacation exchange by registering your timeshare and listing in the exchange directory. And poof! You are now magically associated with some of the world’s best vacation resorts. You can exchange your timeshare with an "even Steven" approach. You’ll trade with another timeshare owner who has one of relatively equal size and with comparable amenities. RCI exchanging is easy and flexible.

With an RCI timeshare you can vacation almost anywhere in the world. You have your choice of a quiet tropical escape to a loud, bustling city.

There are several great places to list your RCI timeshare. Go with a qualified company. Check out They have access to hundreds of thousands of internet users surfing the web, looking for that perfect vacation exchange. This company makes it easy to manage your timeshare property.

RCI Points give you even greater flexibility. You can trade your points for accommodation upgrades, cruises, airline tickets, even theme park tickets. RCI Points are easily one more terrific reason to buy an RCI timeshare.

A points timeshare vs. a basic timeshare means that with the first kind you have a great deal of leverage if you plan to vacation throughout the world. RCI Points, also known as RCI Global Points is a globally based timeshare exchange.

If you buy on the resale market and still want to participate in a points program, make sure you are also buying an RCI Points Program. When you buy a timeshare your unit is given a point value. This point value is determined by resort location and ranking, unit size, the season you have the timeshare, and other factors such as amenities.

The RCI Points Program offers enhanced benefits such as: the ability to stay at a RCI affiliate resort, your choice of travel time, your choice of unit size, the ability to stay for just one night, the ability to use the points for cruises, car rentals, accommodation upgrades, and more.

RCI Points are points, no matter where they come from. It doesn’t matter what season you own in or how many points your unit is worth.

RCI Instant Exchange is another fabulous deal offered by RCI timeshares. This is a great deal for the last minute traveler. You can request an Instant Exchange 2-45 days in advance of your travel plans. You can get some amazing deals such as those listed on a time share owner’s blog:

  • $99.99 for a full week in a studio.
  • $149.99 for a full week in a 1 bedroom unit.
  • $199.99 for a ful week in a 2 bedroom unit.

RCI Development

Global timeshare industry people see enormous growth in timeshares. RCI expects to expand into the Middle East with ease. It’s expected that timeshares will grow by 50% in only five years. The president and CEO for Europe and the Middle East, Preben Vestdam, says that "in this region, in 10 years time, I can see there being and additional 500-1000 timeshare resorts."

Enjoy your RCI vacation exchange just about anywhere in the world. The following are some great resources to help you:


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