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In a few days I will be 85 years old. I am a survivor of the great depression. I was born two weeks after the stock market crash of 1929. (My parents took the burden of those days.)

God has blessed me in so many ways. I still have good health and a strong body --and I am still working. God has provided for my needs --but like the birds of the air, I scratch out my living through work.

I just wanted to say that in all my life, I have never collected unemployment, welfare, subsidized housing or any other government benefit except my social security.

I have been out-of-work from time to time; but always looked for what I could do and where I was needed. One time, I had to take a number at a store to wait for service. I waited, and waited ... I thought these people need some help. I applied for a job and got it!

One time, I was accepting any kind of job that was moral and that I could do. That day, I went to be a companion to a lady who had come to visit her family for Thanksgiving. Her daughter-in-law had menus to plan and preparations to do for her guests. The mother's son was the owner of a large company.

The old mother told me that her son was once unemployed and was in line for day work. That one day, he went with a crew of men to unload a box car. At 5:00, all the men quit and picked up their money; but her son said to the boss: "If you don't mind I will stay and finish the job here for you."

The owner of the business hired him; he married the owner's daughter, and years later became the owner of the business.

Donna Kupp

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