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Vegetarian Master Piece

Served ~9/30/10 to Rose & 2 friends from Oxbow, Ian & Lucy
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Stir fry:

  • 2 diced onions
  • then add 2 diced peppers
  • then add diced chives or green onions
  • add 1-2 TBSP curry
  • add 2 C of small cherry heirloom tomatos

Slice & oven roast sweet potatoes

  • peel & thinly slice bunch of sweet potatoes
  • lightly coat with olive oil and roast in ~375 overn for ~1 hour till browned on both sides, turning at least once in middle

Make center grain dish:

  • I used a 7-bean grain mix once,  another time I cooked 1 C red quinoa (on stove top) and 2 C of brownrice/wildrice mix from TJ. 


  • in large blue dish pile & layer the greens in the center
  • place sweet potatoe slices at edge of dish all way around
  • layer veggie stir fry on top and lightly stir it into the grains
  • sprinkle heavy layer of parmesan cheese over the center veggie/grains
  • broil for 5 min till cheese is lightly browned

Offer avocado slices on side,  fried baked tofu slices on side

Dec 2013 came out well for Ian, Ramsay, Dandre, Lea + Andi, did steamed broccoli slightly al dente as greens on top of quinoa in center and under the veggie stir

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