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2009-03-21 Door Project

The Doors
One of our neighbors had a problem.  Seems one of the twins (about 7yo) put a baton through the glass of their front door.  After checking out the cost to fix the leaded glass, they called me to replace it with regular safety glass. 
A week ago I pried out the wood molding, cut the glass free of the caulking
 and took a template of the old glass. 
Here's where the glass met the baton.
A local glass shop cut a piece of bronze smoked and tempered glass to match my template. 
Here are the old and new with the offending baton.
FYI, the glass alone cost $110.  Quarter inch tempered smoked bronze, cut to size.
And here it is all back together.  From the inside it seemed like there was nothing there.
Note that the exterior is in need of some TLC too.  Hopefully they'll get me to fix that up soon.

The Five Minute Project
Ok, so after fixing the neighbor's up I decided it was time to fix our own front door.  It works fine in the summer, but won't stay closed in the winter without the dead bolt closed.  Since it is mostly summer down here, this project got put off for a bit . . . like years.  But today's the day. 
Here it is.  'New' weather-stripping (from some years ago) is keeping the door from latching when closed.
The solution is to move the lower striker shown here in just a hair.
Tools needed: screw driver, drill, glue and toothpicks.
It's been moved. Can you tell the difference?
It's about a sixteenth of an inch further out.
And now the door latches.
The pear trees out front are about done flowering.  Their leaves are now coming out.
Looks like a nice weekend.
Everyone stay safe out there.

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