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2009-02-27 Bri's Fence

Bri's Fence
It's been done for a few weeks, but here it is for the record.
Bri called and told me she was getting approval from her HOA to put up a fence behind her townhouse. 
She had her ideas of where it should go and the HOA had theirs.
Bri's first idea was to enclose the utility boxes, but provide for access. 
Then she had a plan to jog around them. 
They finally agreed on a plan that looked like this.
She had to stay even with the house and then jog around the utilities.  And she had to keep further from the retaining wall in the back.  Bri agreed and she and Chris bought the wood per my plan.
Bri and I staked out the locations of all the post holes.
The next step was to make some holes to put these things into.
Easier said than done.
Chris and I started out with a two-man motorized post hole digger.  We soon called Trav over to help.
Most of the holes on the property line had rocks in them. Big rocks, and lots of them. 
Here's Bri digging some out with Cody's help.
This was one of two holes with power and phones lines just a foot to either side. 
Yes, Bri called and had the utility lines marked beforehand.
We were praying anyway.
Here are Trav and Chris mixing concrete and filling holes.
Once the concrete set up we attached the 2x4 stringers and then the fence boards.  I measured and cut the fence boards from the inside while Chris screwed each in place from the outside.
On the left is the jog in around the utilities from the inside. 
On the right is the way we saved a post by using Chris' idea of tying into a deck support beam.
The HOA required two gates, one for the next-door neighbor and another for Bri's exit to the road. 
Here's the fence along the property line with a small gate opening.
We put the other gate in the back instead of the side.
The gap under the door allows the gate to open fully across the rising ground.
We had left a muddy mess with all the clay from the post holes.
After we finished the fence, Bri and Chris planted grass seed. 
The whole thing looks pretty good now.
The HOA had required that the fence be built by a "fence contractor". 
Ya think we fooled them?

North Light
Ludington, MI
from the Ludington News
Grandpa and Isaac at Jim & Kim's house.
Reagan and Isaac at home with the kids "walker".
Issac on Grandma's knee at Easter.
Everyone loved the Mohawk.
Take care.

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