A calendar for your website
Any calendar you create in Keep&Share can be embedded on your own school website and customized to match its design. This makes it easy for students, teachers, and parents to keep posted on your school’s events.

Extensive color-coding
Use custom colors and event tags to group school events like meetings, sports teams, classes, school breaks, and more. You can even use event tags to filter your calendar for only the events that you want to see.

30% discount for schools
You deserve the chance to devote more of your resources to your school instead of your software. So at Keep&Share schools get a 30% discount on all purchases, for life.

Accept volunteer signups
With the Self-Book package, teachers and parents can find volunteer forms for events via your online calendar, then just click on a time and fill out a form to claim their spot! Approve by default or review manually.

Easily add holidays
Easily add national holidays to your calendar by using our holiday “Calendar Overlays.” Choose the overlay you want, and the holiday overlay of your choice will be layered onto your calendar forming one view.

Print gorgeous calendar PDFs
Circulate copies of your calendar with the exact layout you want — Keep&Share calendar PDFs are beautiful & highly customizable. You can print daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly calendars with ease.

Lewisburg Middle School calendar

“I love the calendars. I use one of our school website to keep teachers informed of bus duty, ballgame duty, etc., and another one to keep parents informed of upcoming activities. ”

Benita Villines, Instructional Facilitator, Lewisburg Middle School

Features you'll love:

Explore the sample calendars of real users below — see how you can customize the look of your calendar to match and seamlessly integrate with your website:

Girls with Confidence event calendar
The VCS Radio Conservancy of the Arts calendar
Sacred Heart Catholic School calendar
University of Houston calendar
Emerald Mountain Christian School calendar
Saint Augustine of Canterbury School calendar

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Top-notch support
Our superior support team is here to help you get started and help you configure your calendar to your school's needs at no extra cost.

Syncs with your other calendars
Seeing data from your Outlook, iCal, or Google calendar in Keep&Share only takes a few clicks, and you can send your K&S calendar to them, too.

Combine Multiple Calendars
Use Calendar Overlays to combine multiple calendars into one master calendar or use "Side-by-Side" view to easily compare different schedules.

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