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  Task scheduler to stay organized & manage your task priorities

Keep&Share’s To Do app lets you sort tasks by priority (High, Medium, or Low), assign task statuses (In Progress or Delayed), and add custom tags to important items.

  Easily rearrange tasks

Focus on the tasks most important to you by using drag-n-drop to quickly rearrange them in your list. Drag-n-drop also makes it easy to move tasks to different lists. Have as few or as many items you want in each To Do List.

  Share your To Do Lists with anyone

Keep your To Do Lists completely private, or you can share your To Do Lists with anyone, whether or not they have an account.

  Print all of your To Dos and Task Notes

Customize your To Do List printouts. Easily print all of your Tasks and Task Notes, or choose only the Tasks that you want to print from your To Do List.

  Stay productive on-the-go

Keep &Share is 100% web-based & No software to download and you can access your To Do Lists from any device, any time, 24/7.

  Life-time Free!

Your account is 100% free: no subscription of any kind is required. And by the way, we do not add advertising to your lists nor do we alter them in any way.

to do list to do list to do list to do list to do list
to do list reminders to do list reminders to do list reminders to do list reminders to do list reminders

  “Never forget”: Get email reminders

Stop worrying you’ll forget something by setting up reminders in advance. You can get email reminders sent to you on the start and/or due dates of a task.

  To Do lists on your iPhone, Android, tablet, desktop, or laptop!

You don’t have to remember to sync your to do list to your device — it’s always automatically up to date when you log in. And our mobile website looks good on smartphone or tablet screens!

  Attach anything to your Tasks

Not only can you add links and pages of notes, but you can attach addresses, files, photos, discussions, map links, and phone numbers. It's easy to keep all the information you need at your fingertips to get your tasks done.

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