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You can upgrade your basic account to a Solo plan (or a multi-user Team plan) for free for 15 days — try out all the features a premium account has to offer, before you purchase, to make sure it's the right fit. The Solo plan is $11/month or $110/year — and nonprofit discounts can be applied. And, it's risk-free — if you don't like it, just let your 15-day free trial end, & your account will switch back to basic automatically.

Risk-free: if you don't like it, your account will
revert back to Basic after your free trial ends

*If you plan on collaborating with a group of people we recommend one of our Team accounts.

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  Your current account: Basic
Upgrade: Solo plan
Ads are shown You and your visitors see ads No ads, ever or anywhere
Calendar Features 1 calendar 5 calendars
500 Events & Day Notes 3,000 & Day Notes
2 Event Tags 8 Event Tags
Share your calendar with anyone Share your calendar with anyone
Cannot give edit rights Give/receive edit rights with other paid accounts
Insert and upload custom images into events
Event reminders by email Event reminders by email & text message
Use overlays to create "combined" calendar views
Sync with iCal, Google, Outlook
or other web calendars
Side-by-Side view compares calendars in columns
Adjustable row heights show all
information in week boxes
Audit History Log to track & undo edits
Attach files, pictures, discussions,
and photos to events
Embed Calendars Embed calendars in external websites
Address Books 100 addresses 5,000 addresses
Share using Private Links Use the “Direct Access Link” to give others private
access without making your shared information “Public”.
Security HTTPS encryption HTTPS encryption
Files 50 MB of total storage
Single files up to 5 MB
5 GB of total storage
Single files up to 1 GB
Top-Level Folders 1 each 10 each in To Dos, Addresses, & Files
Download Bandwidth .05 GB/day (50 MB) 4 GB/day
Photos 500 photos 70,000 photos
Extra Capacity You can add more capacity to your plan by
choosing one of three Expansion Packs
Support Email support Priority email+phone support
Price Lifetime-free account $11/mo for one user

Risk-free: if you don't like it, your account will
revert back to Basic after your free trial ends

* Team plans come with 30 calendars per user, and all paid plans are eligible to add on an Expansion Pack, giving Solo accounts up to 30 calendars, and giving any paid account more event capacity, file storage, calendar tags, and more. Scroll down for more details.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can switch a Basic account to a free trial of a paid plan once. However, if you started using Keep&Share with a free trial, and then it lapsed into a free Basic account, you can still use this upgrade option to try out a paid plan for another 15 days for free - essentially two 15-day Free Trials. If you're not sure whether or not you want to do a free trial right now, send us an email with your questions and we can help you decide.

The Self-Book Package is included in all free trials of paid Keep&Share plans, and you can choose to do a free trial of a Team plan instead of a Solo plan if you'd like. Expansion Pack-sided storage is not included by default in free trials, as most customers upgrade to an Expansion Pack in order to make room for more data after they've been using the software for a while. But, if you would like to have more capacity during your trial, email us.

All Keep&Share customers on a paid plan, or doing a free trial of any paid plan, have access to both priority email support and phone support. If you're doing a multi-user Team plan free trial, or if you want to try out the Self-Book package, you also get a complimentary 30-minute setup consultation on the phone. Click here to request your setup consultation.

Yes - if you pay annually instead of monthly, you get 2 months free on any plan, even with additional add-ons like Self-Book. And, if you're a nonprofit, a school, or a government entity, you can get our nonprofit discount. Click here for instructions to apply for the nonprofit discount.

If you want to keep your paid plan from your free trial, you can upgrade at any time by purchasing the new subscription - even before the trial is over. If you don't want to keep the upgrade, just do nothing - if you don't purchase, your account will revert back to a Basic account afar the trial ends.

If you've used capacity that only paid accounts have - like more than one calendar, more than 500 photos, etc., that data will still exist if your account reverts back to Basic. We don't delete it. But, some of it may be read-only (you won't be able to edit it) or may be inaccessible from your account. If you were to upgrade in the future, all that information would be immediately editable and/or accessible again, because it will have been preserved in your account. To get more specific answers regarding your individual account & its data, send us an email.

Risk-free: if you don't like it, your account will
revert back to Basic after your free trial ends