Private Sharing Links:
Share privately, without going “Public”

The “Direct Access Link” lets you share an item with someone who doesn’t have a Keep&Share account, without making it accessible to the whole “Public”. When visitors use this link — and only this link — they will be able to view it without having to log into an account. And, you can invalidate these links at any time by generating a new one. This advanced feature is only available in paid Solo & Team plans.

Not sure if a Solo account is right for you? You can upgrade your Basic account to a Solo plan for free for 15 days — try out all the features a premium account has to offer, before you purchase, to make sure it's the right fit.

Risk-free: if you don't like it, your account will
revert back to Basic after your free trial ends

*Qualifying nonprofits get 30% off their entire subscriptions, including add-ons. You can also get 2 months free on your entire subscription when you pay annually instead of monthly.

When you upgrade, you’ll instantly be able to start using “Private Sharing Links”, and also gain access to dozens of other new features, additional capacity, and free phone support. See the chart below for what else you can get with your upgrade:

Plan Plan Also Comes With: Total Cost
Free Basic Plan Ads shown in your account, 1 calendar, 2 event tags, 50MB of files, 500 photos, 50 addresses - - -
Solo plan No ads, 5 calendars, 8 event tags, 3GB of files, 12,500 photos, 5,000 addresses $9/month

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