Personalized Training & Setup Consultations

Get a little extra help at your convenience

While Keep&Share is designed to be easy to use (and we have dozens of tutorial videos and help articles), we know that it can be reassuring to get a personal helping hand along the way!

Consultations help our customers get the most value out of their accounts, whether that means assisting with first-time setup, data migration, complex scheduling protocols, customizing an embedded calendar, or whatever else you need to get your account working perfectly for you!

We include one complimentary setup consultation (valued at $75) whenever you purchase or start a free trial of a Team plan or  the Self-Book Package.

Solo users (as well as Team/Self-Book customers who’ve already had their complimentary consultation) can schedule a new call by purchasing consultation blocks ($75 per half-hour).

The price is $75 for each 30-minute block

After your purchase we will send you an email with instructions on how to schedule your consultation:

Questions about our personalized setup options? Email us or call 1-916-587-4896 (8am - 1pm Pacific Time,  Monday-Thursday).