New Year, New Calendar

New Year, New Calendar

Get a free shareable calendar and get organized for 2020

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Open a free Keep&Share account & start keeping your calendar online — it’s easy, convenient, and makes keeping track of it all much easier!

Plus it's easy to share with anyone and print your calendar.

Free Calendar Features include:

Share With Anyone
You can share anything in your account with anyone, whether they’re part of your team or not. This makes it easy to coordinate with clients, contractors, and anyone else you need for your business.

Email Reminders
Never miss another deadline — set up automatic email reminders for any event on your calendar.

Keep&Share is 100% free: no subscription of any kind is required. And by the way, we do not add advertising in your calendar nor do we alter them in any way.

Safe & Secure
Multi-layered sharing & privacy options keep you in control of “Who sees what” (and who can make changes) at all times. History logs record changes, & backups keep your calendar data extra-safe.

Extensive Color-coding
Use custom colors and event tags to group events by team member, location, job, and more. You can even use event tags to filter your calendar for only the events that you want to see.

Access Anywhere, Anytime
Access & edit your calendar from any device, anywhere, 24/7. Keep&Share is a 100% web-based cloud system which means you can log in & view them from any device with internet, any time.

Instant notifications
You and your team can be alerted automatically of any changes made to appointments, events, or assignments in your calendar. Get notifications by email.

Our calendars print beautifully in the calendar view of your choice (Day, Week, Month, Year, and Event).

Custom time slots
You can break your day down into individual time slots. Choose what time your day starts, ends, and view your events in intervals in as little as 10 minutes, or as much as 2 hours.

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Our Team accounts make group schedules and sharing a dream!

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• 3,000 Calendar Entries
• 5-30 Calendars
• 8 Event Tags
• 5GB Files
• 5,000 Addresses
• 12,500 Photos
Share with anyone
Embed Calendars
Give edit rights
Overlay multiple calendars
Email & Text Notifications
Sync with External Calendars

• 500 Calendar Entries
• 1 Calendar
• 2 Event Tags
• 50mb Files
• 100 Addresses
• 500 Photos
Share with anyone
Embed Calendars
Give edit rights
Overlay multiple calendars
Email Notifications
Sync with External Calendars

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