Increase Your Account Capacity

The free Keep&Share account provides 1 fully functional folder set in your applications such as Files, Addresses, and To Dos.

Upgrade to either a paid subscription plan to get more folder sets.

  • Free Basic plan accounts provide 1 folder set
  • Solo & Team plan accounts provide 2-30 folder sets*

Each folder set provides another organizational level:

  • Folder sets can have any name you want.
  • Folder sets can hold as many folders within them as you want.
  • You can set sharing easily so that everything inside the folder set has the same sharing.
  • For instance, use folder sets to group all of your work files separate from your home files separate from your personal files, by having a folder set for each of these major categories.

* Click to learn how Expansion Packs provide the highest number of Folder Sets to your Solo and Team plans.

Folder sets work in each of the applications: Files, Photos, Addresses, Discuss and Bookmark. In To Do they are called 'List Sets' but otherwise work the same.

Learn how to control what is visible in your left panel.