Compare grandfathered Keep&Share paid plans with the new Solo & Team plans

In March 2013, Keep&Share introduced new pricing and plans called “Solo” and “Team.”

The new plans cost more than the previous paid plans “Pro” and “Premium,” so Keep&Share gives full “grandfathering” of the Pro & Premium prices. They can keep their older plans as long as they like, renewing year-after-year.

Keep&Share is constantly improving and many changes and improvements are available to Pro & Premium customers. However, a number of major new features are only available to the new Solo & Team plan users.

Pro & Premium Plans Solo & Team Plans
# of Calendars Pro and Premium plans have 3 to 9 calendars. Team plans have 30 calendars. Solo plans have 5 calendars and can optionally purchase up to 30 total.
Calendar Capacity 1,000 entries per calendar 3,000 entries per calendar, can optionally purchase up to 12,000 entries per calendar.
# Event Tags 2 event tags 8 event tags, can optionally purchase up to event tags.
Customer Self-Booking Limited self-booking (20 signups per month, no customization) Eligible to purchase the Self-Book add-on, allowing visitors to book classes, appointments & more via your calendar
Expansion Packs Eligible to purchase the Expansion Pack add-on, increasing the capacity of your account
Direct Access Links Use the “Direct Access Link” to give others access to calendars and other files in your account, without them needing to have a Keep&Share account, and without having to make your shared information entirely “Public”.
Side-by-Side View View multiple calendars Side-by-Side for easy comparison (SBS view is available to multi-user Premium plans).
Adjustable Row Heights Use adjustable row heights so you can see all information in week & month views.
Automatic Calendar Backups Yes Yes
Show Events as “Free/Busy” Allows you to show your events as “Busy” to visitors to your calendar rather than showing the event content. Great for showing your schedule to others without revealing the content of your events.
Audit History Logs Audit History Logs provide history of all edits made to a Calendar by any calendar visitors with Edit Rights.
To Do Lists in Your Calendar Have your To Do list appear in your calendar with tasks on their start or due dates.
Attach Addresses & Files to Calendar Events Attach addresses or attach documents to calendar events with a single click.
Photos in Your Calendar Can insert icons, but not any uploaded photos Add photos to calendar events in your calendar.
Responsive Embedded Calendars Embed a responsive calendar on your webpage — it will intelligently resize with your responsive web page.