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Alternative to AirSet — Calendars, Files, and More with Group Sharing & Collaboration

AirSet is shutting down — replace AirSet & try Keep&Share today: import your AirSet data, get a free setup consultation, & then get a 20% Lifetime Discount when you purchase! Keep&&Share hosts your calendars, files, to do lists, photos, address books, and database tables all in 1 place.

We learned on Wednesday, June 25, that AirSet will be shutting down. New account creations have already been disabled, and all customers’ data will be accessible for export & download until July 25th, according to this announcement on their website.

We are offering a 20% Lifetime Discount to all AirSet customers, on any Keep&Share plan!

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Why Keep&Share is a great AirSet alternative:

Collaborating with teams & setting up groups:

  1. Multi-user “Team” plans have 1 Master account and multiple (up to 50+) sub-accounts
  2. Team plans come with a free phone + screen-sharing setup consultation
  3. Each user on a Team plan has 30 calendars
  4. Audit History Logs show who made what change & when for enhanced security & peace-of-mind
  5. Individual calendars can be shared with different groups of people
  6. Some groups/individuals can have Edit Rights or just View-Only rights (you decide)

Customization options for calendars & events:

  1. You can color-code individual events (and match them as a category), and color-code entire sets of events by making them an “Overlay”
  2. Up to 5 reminders per event, via email or text message
  3. 22 different calendar views, plus 2 more if you’re embedding your calendar
  4. Easily move or duplicate events to other calendars
  5. Add links to pop-out “Event Notes” to keep your calendar legible when you have lots of text
  6. Add photos, icons, stylings and more to events & Day Notes

Click here to see sample calendars with color-coding & more

Plus, every Keep&Share account includes 5 other apps: Files, To Do lists, Address Books, Photos, and Database Tables... and all integrate beautifully with your calendar!

Keep&Share can import all your calendar data that’s been exported from AirSet in the .ICS (iCalendar) format.

Sign up for a free trial today and test it out FREE for 15 days — we will help you set it up with your AirSet data & give you the smoothest transition possible, and give you a 20% Lifetime Discount when you purchase!

How to transfer your data and test Keep&Share for free:

  1. Create your free trial at Keep&Share
  2. In Airset, export each calendar using the File > Export command
  3. Once Airset has given you a .ICS file for each Airset calendar, return to your Keep&Share account
  4. Create multiple calendars in Keep&Share
  5. View a Keep&Share calendar and click the 'Import' command on the blue bar and choose one Airset .ICS file
  6. Your ICS file will be imported and live in Keep&Share