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Google Calendar is a web version of a traditional computer calendar. It's focus is on a grid of time slots and putting boxes on the screen for appointments. It can send automatic meeting invites and RSVPs. It's built by a big company for scheduling meetings in big companies. Makes sense, doesn't it?

Keep&Share is built to be the world's best calendar for running small businesses. It has the flexibility & power to meet your needs for mission-critical schedules. It's ideal for companies that need to manage multiple schedules with multiple staff and multiple locations.

Google Calendar Keep&Share Calendar
Ads are shown No ads in paid subscriber accounts
Approach Traditional computer “object oriented” - appointments are complex pop-up forms Easy-to-use with free-form “click and type” simplicity - freedom of word processing, computer power
Emphasis Traditional calendar appointments - short text, synchronize with other calendars — event text limited to 1-line Information capture and publishing with extensive details and customization - many lines of event text and detailed event notes
Customization Limited color customization Extensive on screen and embedded customization
Responsive Embedsding on Web Page No Yes, embedded calendars can be fully responsive
Embed on Web Page Yes, but can be hard to match website colors and layout Yes, tremendous customization
Hyperlinks None Extensive support
Overlays Difficult to move between, limited color choices Easy navigation, extensive color customization
Images Limited and difficult Extensive support: insert either “calendar icons” or actual photos
Word Processing None A full word processor is built into every day allowing up to 10,000 characters of notes
Simplicity Appointments are complex pop-up forms Very simple — just click in a day and type; Add “repeating events” whenever you want; type times right in events
Color Coding Yes Yes — the web's best color coding via event colors, event tags, & overlays
Repeating Events Yes Yes
Event Reminders Yes Yes
Show all events No Yes - you can choose to show all of your events without any clipping
Synch w/ Other Calendars Only updates from external synched calendars about once a day, no service level guarantee Yes — we Synch with Google Calendar, Outlook, Exchange, Live, iCal, etc. on guaranteed schedule as frequently as once an hour
Private Sharing Yes Yes
Group Sharing None unless you set up separate “Google Groups” product Built in - this is Keep&Share’s specialty
Views 5 layout options 22 layout options
Year-at-a-glance None Yes — see an entire year on one screen (or in one print-out). All headline events are shown for each day in the year; even if you have multiple headline events on one day.
Month View Only displays a few characters from each event Events wrap nicely in month view. Month rows will show all the information in each day
Printing Limited browser-based printing Extensive customization and high-resolution PDF printing
Price Free Free with optional upgrade
Data Backups & Logs No Paid accounts have calendar backups and history logs.
Support Limited help system; Discussion boards where you can ask other users for help Rich help system with images and videos;
Expert email support; Phone support for Solo/Team plan accounts
Public Request Appointments none Our Self-Book Package lets public viewers send you a request for an appointment or event on your calendar
Company Commitment Google is a giant company with hundreds of products. Users in their forums complain that there have been few improvements to Google calendar for years. Keep&Share’s only product is our online calendar and applications. We are laser focused on continuously improving it based on feedback from real users like you. We have a 10-year track record.
Come to Keep&Share today. Export your Google calendar in .ICS file-format, create a Keep&Share Free Trial and import your Google file (here’s how)

In a User’s Words:

Simon Hensby

“I can't tell you how pleased I am with my new calendar. It is so much better and more reliable than Google's.”

“Google's email reminder facility fails every few months. I therefore cannot trust Google to keep me up to date. I even added a daily reminder facility which is also sporadic i.e. it works for a few weeks then goes quiet, then starts up again.”

“The Keep and Share layout is much clearer and easier to understand than Google’s.”

“To move forward by a year in Google is only achieved by repeated clicking. K & S's drop down box is great and moving forward and back by months is easier too.”

“Links received in email reminders can be clicked on easily. Google's email contains the link enclosed in Google's own code so you have to visit Google before you can go on to the site or copy and paste it.”

“Given Google wants as much information as possible about everyone, I now do not trust them to keep my data private especially with all the integration they require you to do with other services of theirs.”

“Google's retirement of so many of their products (buzz, wave, igoogle, base etc., etc.) doesn't give me confidence that the Calendar will remain. I already feel I can trust K & S especially since you have been going since 2004, well before Google became a global pain in the rear. The added advantage that I can pay a little to upgrade gives more confidence about K & S.”

Kind regards,  Simon Hensby, Owner, Grey Olltwit Educational Software