Calendar Sample - Sample Calendar - College Events | Keep&Share

This calendar is the public events schedule for a (fictitious) college. You can see that some days have lots of text in the Day Notes to share information, while visitors can click on links to see the detailed information for individual events without the calendar becoming cluttered.

Below, you can see this calendar in Month View and a horizontal Day Scroll. Visit the other calendar samples to see even more ways you can format your embedded calendars (these are just 2 of 22 different views!).

Month View:

Day Scroll:

More on Embedding

Keep&Share’s powerful embedding technology provides tremendous customization.

Normally you would embed your calendar with just once with your preferred view style. Our sample pages show various styles so you can see the incredible variety of calendar viewing (there are a total of 22 viewing styles).

You will edit the calendar inside Keep&Share, and how you display it there will be separate from the embedded version. This lets you edit full-screen, in whatever view you want, without having to worry about any effect on your embedded calendar. Click here to view this calendar inside a K&S account.