Speedy Booking Process
People can see available bookings on your calendar, click & fill out a form to make a reservation. You can accept bookings automatically or they can be held for your approval.

Get More Bookings
Accept online bookings for appointments, events, classes, and meetings. Accept visitor suggestions for public events on your calendar. You can even accept bookings directly from your Facebook page!

Embed your Calendar in your website
You can embed your customized Self-Book calendar into any webpage. Customers can then see your availability and book events directly from your website.

Custom Signup Forms
Customize the signup forms that visitors fill out to book your events. Conflict detection prevents bookings from overlapping and you can set custom signup limits for events.

Get Paid Up-Front with PayPal
Accept payments for events automatically using PayPal. One low, flat fee - we don't take a slice of every sale. PayPal is easy for your customers to use and makes sure you get paid.

Reduce no shows with automated reminders
Send automated reminders, acceptance, rescheduling, and cancellation notifications to your customers. You can send these notifications by email and/or text message.

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With Self-Book:

1You add a reservation calendar to your website
2Visitors browse and request available time-slots
3You get notified when visitors make a reservation

All of this takes place without you ever having to pick up the phone or answer an email.

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Free setup consultation
We want you to start saving time & effort right away, so we'll set it up for you. Once you start your free trial, get in touch to schedule your free setup consultation! We'll help you create the calendars, registration forms, and alerts you need — fast.

Prevent double bookings
You can turn on conflict detection in your calendars to prevent any double-bookings. This eliminates the time and stress of managing multiple reservations for multiple rooms. Visitors can also see at a glance what slots are available.

Syncs with other calendars
You can easily add your Keep&Share iCalendar feeds to other calendar programs like Outlook, iCal, or Google calendar in a few clicks. You can also add external calendar feeds to your Keep&Share calendar too.

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