Room Reservation Software

Let people reserve your conference rooms, meeting spaces, even equipment — all through an easy-to-use calendar.

They find a room,
They  find availability,
They  avoid conflicts,
You don’t even touch the phone.

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1 — You add a reservation calendar to your website
2 — Visitors browse and request available time-slots
3 — You get notified when visitors make a reservation

Easy to use

Boosts Productivity

Seamless Setup

Complimentary Setup Consultation

We want you to start saving time & effort right away, so we’ll set it up for you. Once you start your free trial, get in touch to schedule your free setup consultation! We’ll help you create the calendars, registration forms, and alerts you need — fast.

Save employees’ time

Staff get to stop fielding phone calls & emails with questions & reservations. Plus, everyone can see the most up-to-date version of the schedules from any device with internet, so there’s no more need to update people, check in, or print new copies.

Embeddable & Customizable

Your reservation calendar can be embedded on your own domain, and customized to match the look & feel of your website. You just embed it once and the content will instantly reflect any changes, without more coding or re-uploading.

Eliminate Human Error & Stress

With Self-Book, there’s no more middleman to accidentally leave something off the books or make a mistake. People interact directly with the reservation system, and you get accurate records of their requests. Automated confirmation emails keep you & them on the same page.

Built for teamwork

Your Self-Book package can be a Team plan, making collaboration & shared responsibility a walk in the park. You control who can edit, approve/reject requests, and receive notifications of new reservations. Audit History logs show who made what change, when.

They don’t have to register

You can either share your calendar with the public (so anyone with the link can make a reservation, without registering for Keep&Share), or you can keep tighter control. If only certain staff are allowed to make reservations, exclusively share the calendar with their Keep&Share accounts.


Watch this demo to see exactly how it works!

This video shows you how visitors can visit your calendar to make a reservation. You’ll see an example of a “Make a Reservation” button, and an example where visitors can only book pre-set timeslots that you’ve chosen.

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