Team Plans

Team plans let you configure and manage multiple team accounts, all under one paid subscription with bulk-discount pricing. They are ideal for calendar sharing. Team plans have all of the features of a Solo account, plus bulk-discount pricing, more calendars & storage capacity, and tight integration via a central admin account.

Team plans are specifically designed for groups — whether that’s a business’s office, a nonprofit, a regional club, or any other group of people who need to stay up-to-date with each other. It provides easy central setup and administration, group branding, top-level security & privacy controls, and the highest level of features for all Team members.

During your 15-day free trial period we provide a complimentary 30-min setup consultation valued at $75. We’ll help you determine the best structure & setup for your business goals, do a little training, and get you going in a jiffy. Most team customers are ready to deploy soon after our setup consultation.

Learn more here or view our tutorial to watch a short video, or call us at 1-800-899-9527 or send us an email (we’d love to help you!):

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Monthly Billing Yearly Billing
Plan # Users You Pay Cost/
You Pay You Save
Solo AccountOnly 1 $9/mo$9 user/mo$90/yr$18
3-User Team PlanUp to 3$19/mo$6 user/mo$190/yr$38
10-User Team PlanUp to 10$29/mo$3 user/mo$290/yr$58
20-User Team PlanUp to 20$59/mo$3 user/mo$590/yr$116
35-User Team PlanUp to 35$99/mo$3 user/mo$990/yr$198
50-User Team PlanUp to 50$149/mo$3 user/mo$1490/yr$298
Enterprise51-100KCall for custom Enterprise pricing