Team Plans

Team plans are specifically designed for groups — whether that's a business's office, a nonprofit, a regional club, or any other group of people who need to stay up-to-date with each other. It provides easy central setup and administration, and top-level security & privacy controls.

Team Members can:

  • Be managed by one central master account
  • Edit shared calendars
  • Upload files into shared folders
  • Have up to 30 calendars in each account
  • Get notifications of edits made by others
  • Receive email and text message reminders
  • Have their edits tracked by the Audit History Log

Plus, Team plans save as much as 66% per user compared to the Solo plan.

During your 15-day free trial we'll give you a free 30-minute setup consultation so that we can answer any questions you have and get your account started on the right foot.

Watch this short video
Learn more about Team Plans

Watch this short video
Learn more about Team Plans


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Monthly Billing Yearly Billing
Plan # Users You Pay Cost/User/Month You Pay Yearly Plan Saves
Solo AccountOnly 1  $9$9.00/user$90$18
3-User Team PlanUp to 3$19$6.00/user$190$38
10-User Team PlanUp to 10$29$3.00/user$290$58
20-User Team PlanUp to 20$59$3.00/user$590$116
35-User Team PlanUp to 35$99$3.00/user$990$198
50-User Team PlanUp to 50$149$3.00/user$1490$298
65-User Team PlanUp to 65$179$2.70/user$1790$358
80-User Team PlanUp to 80$209$2.60/user$2090$418
100-User Team PlanUp to 100$239$2.40/user$2390$478
135-User Team PlanUp to 135$319$2.40/user$3190$638
170-User Team PlanUp to 170$399$2.40/user$3990$798
200-User Team PlanUp to 200$469$2.40/user$4690$938
235-User Team PlanUp to 235$559$2.40/user$5590$1118
270-User Team PlanUp to 270$639$2.40/user$6390$1278
300-User Team PlanUp to 300$699$2.30/user$6990$1398
Enterprise51-100,000Call for custom Enterprise pricing
Monthly Billing Yearly Billing
Plan # Users You Pay Cost/
You Pay Yearly Plan Saves
Solo AccountOnly 1 $9$9.00 user$90$18
3-User Team PlanUp to 3$19$6.00 user$190$38
10-User Team PlanUp to 10$29$3.00 user$290$58
20-User Team PlanUp to 20$59$3.00 user$590$116
35-User Team PlanUp to 35$99$3.00 user$990$198
50-User Team PlanUp to 50$149$3.00 user$1490$298
65-User Team PlanUp to 65$179$2.70 user$1790$358
80-User Team PlanUp to 80$209$2.60 user$2090$418
100-User Team PlanUp to 100$239$2.40 user$2390$478
135-User Team PlanUp to 135$319$2.40 user$3190$638
170-User Team PlanUp to 170$399$2.40 user$3990$798
200-User Team PlanUp to 200$469$2.40 user$4690$938
235-User Team PlanUp to 235$559$2.40 user$5590$1118
270-User Team PlanUp to 270$639$2.40 user$6390$1278
300-User Team PlanUp to 300$699$2.30 user$6990$1398
Enterprise51-100KCall for custom Enterprise pricing