Add More Calendars to Your Solo Account

We're glad to see you're getting so much use out of your Keep&Share account!

It's easy to get access to more calendars than the standard 5 in your Solo Account. Our "Expansion Packs" let you customize your account to meet your exact, unique needs for your Keep&Share. Here are your options:

  • 5 more calendars (total of 10 calendars in your account) — $9/month*
  • 15 more calendars (total of 20) — $19/month*
  • 25 more calendars (total of 30) — $29/month*
  • learn more about Expansion Packs now

*All upgrade purchases will be included in our nonprofit discount if you qualify, and you will also receive 2 months free for these upgrades if you pay annually instead of monthly.

To purchase any of these upgrades to create your custom account, click here to visit our purchase screen.

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