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Traffic Safety Products, Road Studs, Solar Road Studs

Road safety equipment for roads or highways are specifically designed to avoid obstructions and hindrances. There are several road safety products available, such as permanent markers or road studs, warning signals, speed breakers, delineator solar blinkers, and speed breakers. These products, and other equipment, are created in a way to ensure safety and high-quality performance.

Why Solar Road Studs

Road Studs, Solar Road Studs have high visibility to ensure road safety. These road-studs are necessary for areas where there isn't electricity, or where other lighting options cost too much. Solar Road Studs will provide lighting on highways that are not provided by other sources. Solar Road Studs run completely autonomously and don't require any maintenance. Road Studs are more cost-effective and offer better road safety.

Solar Road Studs' Benefits and Features

Road studs provide illumination and long-distance light to help reduce accidents on the roads. These road studs operate on solar panels and electronics optics. It is waterproof, and it cannot be broken. These road-studs offer complete visibility on highways, streets, and poor light roads. There are many features and benefits to solar road-studs ........


1. It isn't necessary to operate it.
2. You must provide sufficient light in areas with poor light conditions or no lighting system.
3. These road studs last a lifetime and are extremely strong and resistant to water.
4. Avoiding accidents on the highway and roads.
5. Use light and illumination from nature.


Micro Industry is India's largest importer and exporter. We offer a variety of high-quality road studs in a variety of sizes and qualities for temporary and permanent marketing purposes. They have been specifically designed for driver guidance and allow for clear vision in the dark as well as during daylight. In order to offer high safety and security, we provide all types of modern road safety equipment. We are well-known for providing innovative solutions and products of high quality. Get more info about Traffic Safety Products Manufacturer.



Lighten Traffic Safety Co., Ltd. is a leading road safety products provider in China, which can supply a full range of road marking products like Gabion Cages, road marking machine and thermoplastic road marking powder and also provide W/S-Beam Steel Guardrail, fishtail end and its bolts &nuts Solar Road Studs and Traffic Signs. 


Lighten Traffic is China's most trusted supplier of road-safety products. It focuses on research, production, marketing, and sales of road safety equipment. Lighten Traffic exported road safety materials and equipment to more than 10 countries across Africa, North America, and Southeast Asia, mainly the Philippines. Read more:

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