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Symposium Offers a Unique Opportunity for Development in the E-Learning Space

Las Vegas, Nevada, September, 2021 – Symposium’s platform and the app offer a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs and experts to connect with their audience. Online learning is the new norm. Individuals seeking new knowledge and skills have the support of the platform and app in offering different choices of learning - categories, find an expert (via conference, symposium, or talk), or book a one-on-one session with an expert.


Social distancing is now the norm for many, and with Symposium we are bringing people together.- Joe Baumgartel, CEO


A New Learning Experience for All


Symposium offers experts, trainers, and entrepreneurs the virtual venue, and learners a new learning experience. The platform/app gives people an equal playing field - experts with their rates and learners with affordable payment schemes. The app gives subscribers payment options because the Symposium team believes learning should be available to all.


Experts give the rates for their services. They have full autonomy on the price and time (especially for the one-on-one sessions). Their earnings are 100% directed to them without any hidden fees or commission. This is leveling the playing field for all - giving instructors, teachers, and entrepreneurs the venue and chance to share their knowledge or wisdom in their field of specialty.


‘We have created a digital community where creatives, entrepreneurs, and small businesses owners can share their knowledge with others and thrive." - Joe Baumgartel, CEO


The Digital Platform is Just the Venue - The Real Focus is Human Connection


Sometimes it is hard to capture the connection between speaker and learners. It sometimes gets lost in the digital space. Symposium has worked hard to perfect and keep the video conferencing aspect seamless, to capture the personalized aspect of connection through more vivid digital conferencing and live interaction.


“It’s one thing to follow your favorite chef on his or her YouTube channel, try their recipes, and leave a comment on the video. It’s another thing to cook alongside your favorite chefs, interacting with them in real-time and asking them for suggestions.”- Troy Roques, Co-Founder


Loren Michael Harris, a motivational speaker, utilizes Symposium for live conferencing and one-on-one sessions. Here is what she says about the digital platform. “I like everything about Symposium. The platform was there when there was nothing else that could serve my needs. The people there listen to me, encouraged feedback, and made changes to the platform based on my and other users’ needs... Symposium offers great value and it is a great way for a small voice to reach their audiences.”


Share Your Voice and Know-how, Experience the New Learning Space


Symposium.was established in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2017. The company wants self-development, learning, and knowledge accessible above and beyond distance, time, or money. For people to unlock their true potential with the choice of group or more personalized approach.


For inquiries and more information contact: Erika Klink - Marketing Communications (702) 748-7372 or email @ ,

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