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Digital Marketing Made Easy Through the Launch of a One-Stop-Shop - MKTG Hackers

MKTG Hackers is a one-stop-shop that allows businesses to fulfill all their marketing goals in one place. It bridges the gap for the business houses to look at various service providers for specific needs in one place. While making the announcement, Katie Furlough, the company communications manager, said the company, which operates under the mantra “Marketing Made Easy,” is offering a wide range of services including digital marketing, social media development, social media advertising, email marketing, E-commerce, business start-up, web design, logo design, addons, among others.


MKTG Hackers packages are designed to assist small to large businesses. The company CEO, Phaon K. Spurlock, stresses that the company will be working with small and mid-size businesses, entrepreneurs, start-ups, freelancers, e-commerce brands, and consultants. The company would help them in creating brand awareness, increasing sales, and scaling their brand. The creators and entrepreneurs wouldn't have to spend hours learning digital marketing to craft social media posts and set up digital ad campaigns in the right way for positive results or pay crazy amounts of money to large marketing agencies that won't deliver the desired results.


The package list on the website will help businesses to select one according to their business needs. According to the company representative, "you select what suits your needs. You can select one or more packages depending on your business requirements," while adding that businesses can also customize packages. Once the payment is made, an onboard discovery call will be scheduled via email. During the discovery call, MKTG Hackers aim at learning more about the brand and how they can work following the customer's marketing objectives. From there, the customer only has to sit back and watch the brand take off.


While giving a review on his experience with the MKTG Hackers, a client, Jaamil Olawale Kosoko, an artist said, “working with MKTG Hackers on my Jaamil Means Beauty, online artist shop, was an important benchmark for me in expanding my creative work towards a focused digital network of individuals who want to contribute directly to my practice and cultural production. Their work is fast, precise, and caring. I look forward to continuing our work together in the future.”


MKTG Hackers is upbeat about the company's features and its capacity to provide businesses with seamless digital marketing services. "What I love most about this work is that I’m able to see brands scale or increase revenue by marketing strategies that I and my team develop and execute. It's such a rewarding experience to see a business owner filled with joy after seeing their brand take off! "said an elated Mr. Spurlock while appealing to businesses in need of expanding their brand visibility, increasing sales, and engagement of current customers to sign up for the digital marketing services at MKTG Hackers.


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About MKTG Hackers


Founded in 2022, MKTG Hackers is a Brooklyn-based boutique digital marketing agency under the parent company - Prototype MKTG. MKTG Hackers make it easy to achieve seamless digital marketing goals. The agency was founded to help entrepreneurs, small businesses, and start-ups reach their marketing goals to gain more brand visibility, increase sales, or engage current customers/clients! As a minority-owned agency, it prides itself on ensuring that they have an equitable work environment and a diverse team that reflects its wide range of clients. MKTG Hackers aims to help over 20,000 small businesses reach and exceed their marketing goals in the next 20 years.


For any queries use these media contact info
Katie Furlough
Communications Manager

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